[LMB] The Flowers of Vashnoi: An Ekaterin Vorkosigan Novella by Lois Macmaster Bujold

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Mon May 14 22:39:03 BST 2018

Actual radiation diasters don't leave many obvious effects on nature,
especially since most plants and animals breed faster than humans and can
be replaced undetectably (to casual human inspection) by life outside the

But the destruction of Vorkosigan Vashnoi was with a weapon intentionally
designed to leave lingering radiation.  I'd assume the Cetagandans' nuclear
engineering talents are nearly as great as their biological engineering
skills - and Barrayar still has lingering dead zones from biocides.  So...

Matt "Hanlon's Razor no longer applies" G.

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