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I was mainly thinking of his love of flow charts. 

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>> Part of his connection with Tej. Both families wanted a different mindset and ambition from their children than the children had.
>> I think Ivan spotted it first, “Maybe you just wanted to dance.” For her sisters, dancing was (and only could be) a means to an end not something to do for its own enjoyment.
>> I wonder who put down her love of languages as not practical because of earbuds. Earbuds are not always practical (see DI) and even the most accurate translation will not include the cultural assumptions that go with it.
>> <opinion>
>> To my mind, a culture doesn’t cross languages. Countries with multiple languages have multiple cultures.
>> </opinion>
>> Ivan may not be a tactical or strategic genius but he does excel at logistics.
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> I think that what Ivan excels at is really tactics which what unsnarling the snakes essentially is. Perhaps not battlefield tactics, but still tactics. I think that you misunderstand the meaning of logistics, which is quartermastering.
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