[LMB] The Regent's Bride vs the Red Queen

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Tue May 15 00:00:51 BST 2018

Louann thinks

>it's mostly Cordelia who has a negative attitude to 
>body births, and considering her experiences who can 
>blame her? Less explicable to me is later Cordelia's 
>apparent conviction that absolutely everyone -- even
>Alys and Simon -- would find their lives improved by 
>some babies in them.

"Later" Cordelia's conviction is revealed when Miles 
is 40 years old. 

If either you or I were to review our own posts here 
on list, in the mid to late 1990's,  I suspect we would find
declarations of parental philosophy that we now,  by 
virtue of actual parental experience, would find comical
let alone in contradiction.  And that's only two decades
difference.  In two more decades -- who knows? 

That said, I'm a bigger fan of toddlers than babies, 
and would tend to argue on Cordelia's side that having
such creatures around does improve life.  At least,
the shared perspective improves one outlook on life. 
"First Contact" with the strange and wonderful life forms, 
cultures, weather phenomena, and clever gadgets of a world
is hard come by for those of us of a certain age.  But we
can even so vicariously enjoy the explorations of the
newcomers most recently joined the crew. 

Then THAT said,  I agree the Red Queen's attitude is
quite distinct from the Regent's Bride's concerns revealed
when she accompanied Bothari to Mistress Hyssop's (IIRC)
to conduct an NCO's inspection on baby Elena.  THAT
edition of Cordelia wondered at the sanity of anyone who
would entrust Bothari with care of a cat, much less a baby.

Yet perhaps it is the apparent improvement in EVEN BOTHARI,
arising from his parental duties toward Elena, Miles, and Ivan,
that has engendered the Red Queen's attitude.  If a case of 
parenthood was what it took to make and keep Bothari sane ...
 well, send a case of the best to each of  the other Barrayarian 

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