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Tue May 15 01:41:53 BST 2018

On Mon, 14 May 2018 01:20:32 +0000, Gwynne Powell
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>Wandering through a few semi-rereads the other day, looking for a
>reference I couldn't find, and I ran across the bit where Ivan is made
>to feel bad about introducing his '...um...stepfather....'
>Ok, so just how is he supposed to introduce him? Alys and Simon
>haven't married, so Simon ISN'T his stepfather. They haven't even
>made any official reveal about their relationship, and technically
>Simon doesn't live with Alys, he has his own place even though he
>never seems to be there. 'This is my mother's lover.... boyfriend...
>gentleman friend....?' Actually terming him 'stepfather' even with
>an um before it is pretty generous, it's recognising Simon in some
>way being related to Ivan, not just being a connection of Alys's.

In certain circles, "um-friend" is a recognised shorthand for "It's
A mind's reach should exceed its grasp or what's a metaphor?

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