[LMB] OT: The Expanse TV show cancelled?

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Tue May 15 18:35:10 BST 2018

It's a network that voluntarily named itself 'Sy Fy'.  What more of an
explanation do you need?

TV shows are sometimes intended to be complete within a pre-determined time
or length, the way a properly-constructed book or movie is, but more often
they depend upon continuation.  That means early termination risks
destroying the value of the art.  I suggest avoiding them for that reason.

Our Beloved Host always worked hard to ensure that her books could stand
alone even when they were separate.  That principle has been weakened
somewhat in more recent works like the Sharing Knife tetralogy, but in
general she's kept the rule in operation.  And the books benefit from
that.  Series in which that isn't the case have historically been...
problematic, from a fan perspective, when the author dies or just doesn't
know how to resolve the story.  Think of 'The Game of Thrones', or 'Alvin
Maker', or 'The Wheel of Time' - all cases where the individual books are
not complete entities in themselves, and it drove / is driving the fans

Don't give your heart to creators who will hurt you.  Don't put your heart
in the hands of middlemen who will hurt you.  If a good thing is in the
hands of bad people, it's best not to get attached.  (Although I
acknowledge quality can vary among products - why is it Disney is doing so
well handling the Marvel Superhero movies but so badly at Star Wars?)
Sometimes cutting off a cherished franchise hurts, but it's better in the
long run.

Matt "better a cleanly-imposed death than long lingering, IMO" G.

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