[LMB] Points that simmer to the surface....

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed May 16 11:25:43 BST 2018

From: Joel Polowin <jpolowin at hotmail.com>

Not to excuse, but to explain: the whole family have a firm policy --
a mindset -- of "give it your all".  Ivan hasn't been living up to
his potential.  And in his younger days, at least, it was clear that
Ivan wasn't even thinking through details very well, even allowing
for a desire on his part to avoid taking actions that might expose
him to trouble.  And his treatment of women was somewhat questionable
(to be polite); consider Elena Bothari's "me too" moment.

Gwynne: The whole family give it their all - with full marching band and
fireworks to follow. It's always very high-profile. Ivan was posted as an
underling on a miserable planet that nobody had heard of, and in three
weeks he'd moved the consulate to a tropical paradise, streamlined the
work so the two of them only had to work part-time, organised the budget
to pay for all that AND to hire a local for the grunt work, then got it all
running smoothly. After that the most energy he used was when he tried
to tone down the consul's delighted reports. That's pretty impressive - and
he kept it all low-profile.

He does work to his potential, but in his own quiet way. What they all complain
about is that he isn't parading what hedoes - his work for the admiral was  so
good that a few years after he moved on the admiral still sends him birthday
greetings and career guidance, and mourns that his replacement isn't as good.

He's also used, routinely, for high-security jobs by the family, and as Miles-
wrangler, which isn't an easy job. In fact, Miles worries about Ivan's decisions:
in Cetaganda Miles puts some effort into persuading Ivan to hold off from
notifying their superiors, and later he tells Mark about his seizure problems,
but not Ivan. He can control Mark, but not Ivan. And yet the family think Ivan
is weak? Hardly.

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