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Wed May 16 12:59:43 BST 2018

Marina shares:  "When I re-read Sara Teasdale?s love poems in my 30?s, I saw a co-dependant woman and a series of poor choices in men.

Still loved her nature poems, and There Will Come Soft Rains, which title was the source for Ray Bradbury?s story https://m.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/there-will-come-soft-rains "

I discovered Teasdale at 11 or 12 and was immediately carried away by her language, nature themes, & even the slight melodrama in her more personal poems.  When I read "There Will Come Soft Rains" and found an old friend in it, I felt more connected to the wider world of sf than ever.  Years later, at my very first OVFF, I wandered into a poetry theme circle, where I was able to recite some of the Teasdale poems I'd learned in high school.  Juanita Coulson exclaimed in gleeful recognition.  

Sometimes the works that wired us early [The _Silver Pennies_ anthology edited by Blanche Jennings Thompson is fabulous!] maintain that connection.  

Here's one I've told my spouse reminds me of him:

I Remembered

There never was a mood of mine,
 Gay or heart-broken, luminous or dull,
But you could ease me of its fever
 And give it back to me more beautiful.

In many another soul I broke the bread,
 And drank the wine and played the happy guest,
But I was lonely, I remembered you;
 The heart belongs to him who knew it best.


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