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Wed May 16 22:14:56 BST 2018

In my experience, how one organizes one's kitchen is both highly 
individual and important to stay consistent. When you're trying to get a 
meal cooked in a reasonable amount of time with all the dishes coming 
together at the same time, the last thing you want is a frustrating 
search for some implement or ingredient which someone moved or threw out.

And to do that when someone is in the hospital and comes home to this when 
they're still recovering...

Gwynne, I admire your restraint. I would have been very angry indeed.

We've been watching a very "sweetness-and-light" TV series on DVD called 
_The Good Witch_, mostly because it has no murders and violence in it -- 
as opposed to all the other series we watch. (Warning: it may be really a 
bit sweet for most people.)

Cassie Nightingale (the heroine) runs a B&B, and in the third season, one 
of her guests is a restaurateur who decides her perfect vacation is to 
take over Cassie's kitchen, and completely rearrange it. Cassie's smiling 
acquiescence to this was just over-the-top to me...

On Wed, 16 May 2018, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> Gwynne: When I was in hospital my sis-in-law looked after Mum. SIL is
> a lovely, kind, thoughtful woman. But if you're going to reorganise someone
> else's kitchen it's polite to TELL THAT PERSON WHERE EVERYTHING HAS
> BEEN MOVED TO. I'm still looking for things - and I never did find my
> favourite frypan again.
> Likewise, it's helpful to go through the cupboard and check all the use-by
> dates (although some people can be obsessive about that - I mean some
> things don't go off, the date is just a legal requirement.) But if you're going
> to throw away all manner of items, wouldn't it be nice to keep a list of
> what needs to be replaced, instead of leaving the person (ME) to find out
> when halfway through cooking something, reaching into the cupboard, and
> finding the item not there.
> Ok, rant over. Sorry, I had a head of steam that needed to be released.

Good grief, yes!


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