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On May 16, 2018, at 4:09 AM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Likewise, it's helpful to go through the cupboard and check all the use-by
> dates (although some people can be obsessive about that - I mean some
> things don't go off, the date is just a legal requirement.) But if you're going
> to throw away all manner of items, wouldn't it be nice to keep a list of
> what needs to be replaced, instead of leaving the person (ME) to find out
> when halfway through cooking something, reaching into the cupboard, and
> finding the item not there.

I went through the pantry shelves in the garage, in order to gather extras for a food drive. I had four grocery sacks full to pass along, and that was good.

I admit to having reorganized some of the cupboards, as too many things were piled willy-nilly, and if it wasn’t in front, there was danger from falling objects for the seeker.

It allowed me to consolidate similar items, sometimes packages of like items in a clear plastic container, and to ditch things that had gone off. I should have labeled the GF container: my husband does most of the GF dessert baking for our friend R.

I was having a fit of frustrated tidy.

In this & the last house, my belle-mère and I would be sharing a kitchen. I waited last house until they moved in to set up the kitchen, so that it would be OUR kitchen. We had to build pantry shelves in the laundry/office breezeway to hold most of the items we use, and build a ladder-like floor to ceiling spice rack to accommodate our seasonings. Yes, we use that many.

That house was built in the late 1950’s, and except for the cramped kitchen, was a great house for entertaining. The shallow cupboards were too shallow for dinner plates, and no drawers for cutlery. A trash compactor took out that space. Grrr.

This house was built not long after, and the cupboards are too few, the cooktop antiquated, and the intemperate oven so  small that replacing it will be a trial for the landlord.

Houses built for people who don’t cook? Spare me. 

It’s like claiming you protect clients from ID theft, but continue to have security questions the answers to which are public record: credit unions were still using social security numbers as account numbers up until 20 yrs or less ago. Scary.

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