[LMB] Points that simmer to the surface....

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OTH, you can push that far too far.

Pat, whose freezer failed, with the fridge to follow, this past Sunday. New one delivered Tuesday. Meanwhile, items whose date I didn't notice in the hectic rush were stashed in the cupboard rather than sent to various friends for storage .... let's just say "I asked for it! I got it! Turista!"
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> like most "USE BY" labels are dramatically too conservative

oh yes .. one of my uncles is part owner of a cheese import company ... in order to sell to some super market chains they are forced to put "best before" dates on cheeses, that are before the cheese is properly ripe (say nothing about spoiled)

family dinners with him are always a joy, since there will be a HUGE cheese selection (yum)



>     "James M. BRYANT G4CLF" <james at jbryant.eu> hat am 17. Mai 2018 um 08:12 geschrieben:
>     Gwynne observes that:-
>         > >
> >         ...it's helpful to go through the cupboard and check all the use-by
> >         dates<SNIP!>. But if you're going to throw away all manner of items...
> >
> >     >
>     Please don't EVER do that in my kitchen. If it's there do please
>     assume that, for whatever crazy reason (like most "USE BY" labels
>     are dramatically too conservative), I want it.
>     Various family members do this to me and, short of murder, I can't
>     stop 'em. And it costs me a ton of money I could spend on beer.
>     James - whose button has been pushed
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