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>> like most "USE BY" labels are dramatically too conservative
> oh yes .. one of my uncles is part owner of a cheese import company ... in order to sell to some super market chains they are forced to put "best before" dates on cheeses, that are before the cheese is properly ripe (say nothing about spoiled)
> family dinners with him are always a joy, since there will be a HUGE cheese selection (yum)

Can we come to your place for dinner? At Chez Bejeeber, we all love cheese. Not necessarily all cheeses, but most we’ve encountered, from cow, sheep, or goat. 
However no “lite”, low-fat, or fat free cheese, thank you. Lowfat cottage cheese is one thing, fat free cheddar is an oxymoron.

My husband has been asked to shed some weight, in order to better control his blood glucose. 

The Wellness Center endocrinologist suggested that he not eat cheese twice a week to control fats in his diet. He can’t wrap his head around that, given how much cheese is a part of a relatively spartan diet. He might have four exchanges of dense carbs a day: most people have 8-10 a day. I think he goes by glucose load, more than glucose index: rice is right out, and he might have half an exchange of pasta once a month.

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