[LMB] now Overdrive was Vashnoi goes live

Lois Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Fri May 18 20:43:50 BST 2018

[LMB] Vashnoi goes live
Lois Aleta Fundis loisaletafundis at gmail.com
Fri May 18 20:14:39 BST 2018

LAF:  Then, of course, there are libraries. Many libraries now carry 
usually through a company called OverDrive (they take care of the technical
details and stuff), and because many libraries belong to regional groups or
consortiums to be able to afford a large collection of e-books and other
online media this way, the collections  are  often large and diverse. *And*
free to use if you live in their user area and have a library card.

The library I work at, or rather the consortium we belong to, has many of
Lois' books available as e-books this way.  Not the online-only novellas
yet.  :-(   But if you put a request in  -- OverDrive will let you do that
-- the request goes to a real librarian so they can consider adding the
item you want and possibly others like it.  This may take a couple of weeks
to transpire, but it's better than waiting for it to come out in paper!​


LMB:  I use Hennepin County Library's Overdrive a lot, these days, 
downloading onto my wonderful tablet, which is among other things 
brilliant for e-manga.  Great for when you want the Next Volume at one 
in the morning.  And the books return /themselves/.

We've been trying to get a select handful of my indie-pubbed works up on 
Overdrive for over a year, now, and the delays and obfuscations have 
been utterly maddening.  Overdrive is NOT indie-writer-friendly, or at 
least not Spectrum/Bujold friendly. However, we may have a breakthrough 
soon.  When stuff becomes available through OD, I'll blog and post it, 
for the librarians and library patrons to ask for it.

And then we'll see what happens.  My agent is deeply suspicious of the 
entire system, which is why we're starting with the minimum wodge, 5 
FREE, THE SPIRIT RING, and "Penric's Demon".) If it goes well (i.e., 
pays well) after a suitable trial period, we'll add more.  Or not if not.

Ta, L.

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