[LMB] More Celebrations!!!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat May 19 17:23:55 BST 2018

The birthday tixie is a bit late today - and it's all Lois's fault. I rushed in to
catch up and then do the birthday posts, saw her post about the new
novella, and.... ok, I read fast but still, time goes by.

So, now I'm finished reading, still fighting to get my mind back into gear,
and doing my very enjoyable Tixie duties. BIRTHDAYS!

Yes, it's a double today. Jim Davis and BJ Van Look. Two wonderful

birthdays. And of course there's only one possible way to celebrate, a
very special and timely experience for you both.

Yes, you will be taken on a very special tour in Hassadar, spending the
morning with Dr Enrique Bourgos as he explains the butterbug system
to you. You'll see the development rooms, the new lines being tested,
and the various labs running the different experiments. As a special
treat you will each be able to design a new bug; your designs will be used
for two of the new lines being developed and tested. (Precious metal
extraction? Terraforming Barrayaran flora into useful fertilizer? Food or
medicine production? There's so many possibilities.)

After a gourmet lunch (sent over from the Vorkosigan kitchens) you'll
be taken on a flight over Vorkosigan Vashnoi. You'll have the chance to
suit up and explore some of the test areas (just check your rad meters
regularly). You can admire the plants but it's not a good idea to pick
any. Then after returning to Hassadar, and a quick decontamination,
you'll be able to spend some time exploring the town; the District capital
has many interesting markets, attractive parks, and some wonderful new

colleges and training centres. After that you'll have dinner with the

Vorkosigan family, and a chance to chat with them about ... well... anything
you'd like to know.

We hope you both enjoy your special day, and have wonderful, informative
and satisfying birthdays!

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