[LMB] SP: Finished "The Flowers of Vashnoi"

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 03:20:34 BST 2018

(-: I really like the inclusion of feral children. In the beginning, I was wondering if we were dealing with some sort of raised-by-wolves 
situation, where the child was truly feral, but it soon turned out the kid was socialized, and a part of a society that remembered being raised 
by a bigger society. So, it turned out more Swiss Family Robinson-feral than wolf-boy-feral. 

Can we talk about the creeping horrors of the story? There was enough going on that I wasn't turned off, but . . . the thought of some kid 
picking up radioactive bugs without any protection was so horrifying. And it built up until we saw poor Jadwiga. So much human error, and 
good intentions turned bad. Ingi thought they were pretty presents; he brought more and more; the poor girl probably got a much higher 
dose than Ingi got, and it may have worsened her condition. 

Isn't that the worst kind of evil? Where people think they are doing good, but it's actually no good at all? I'm not sure if "evil" is the right word 
for this. 

So many consequences, even with a little experiment that was meant to sandbox any consequences so that the radbugs could be 
developed safely. Consequences of not enough knowledge . . . and sometimes that knowledge is just a matter of not being disseminated, 
and sometimes it's something we have to work hard to uncover. 


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