[LMB] Worldcon 76, and a bit more on Re: Cheddar Cheese (WAS OT:- Points that simmer to the surface....)

Cally Perry cally.perry at gmail.com
Mon May 21 03:42:57 BST 2018

 Is there a "Who's going to Worldcon?" thread somewhere?  I know travel to
the states isn't popular just now with a lot of the usual suspects, but we
would love to see whoever is coming!  (We have plane tickets for just the
con, so no road trips to Oregon for us, alas.)

Once, in a discussion of a maple syrup host(ess) gift to our friends
Bridget and Michael in St. Ives, late of Huntingdonshire, we digressed to
the topic of all things Vermont, mostly milk and honey.  I said I liked
Vermont cheddar.  Bridget said, Well, I'm from Cheddar...


On Sat, May 19, 2018 at 7:03 AM James M. BRYANT G4CLF <james at jbryant.eu>

> Fred laments that he'll probably never travel there
> to get it himself, and would:-
>  >.... like to have a sample of some real Cheddar,
>  >i.e.actually from Cheddar.
> Will you be at WorldCon in San Jose, Fred?
> Cheddar cheese traditionally must be made within
> 30 mi (48 km) of <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wells_Cathedral>Wells
> Cathedral. My grandparents
> and aunt qualified for many years and won prizes,
> but have all been dead for nearly half a century
> so I haven't any of theirs left. But my cousin the
> accountant did the books of half the cheesemakers
> in this area before he retired, and another
> cousin's son-in-law is one of 'em.
> So if reminded at the beginning of August, and it's
> not confiscated by the Department of Agriculture,
> I'll bring some with me. After all I took 5kg to
> Doug and Claudia in Tajikistan last year.
> James
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