[LMB] Weddings

quietann quietann at gmail.com
Tue May 22 20:32:29 BST 2018

We actually were in the UK from 5/4 to 5/19, though on 5/19 we were mostly
getting back to the US, rather than paying a lot of attention to the
wedding itself. We did see the carriages on TV in the airport, and heard
Ms. Markel's vows when we were turning in our rental car.  And apparently
50 to 60 thousand people took the train to Windsor that day, so there was a
lot of talk about queues.

(For the horsepeople: yes there was one rather naughty horse. I think his
rider did a very good job of keeping him going forward-ish, rather than

I would say that the attitude over there was mostly festive, and whatever
controversy there was was mostly gossip about her family -- who would
attend/not attend, who was on the outs with whom, etc. I thought the whole
situation with her father was sad.

In terms of media coverage, here's an article from 1843, which is a
quarterly put out by _The Economist_. It's mostly oriented toward a
wealthy/posh audience (we are neither), but their in-depth reporting can be


And the comparison to Gregor/Laisa is quite apt. My husband agreed.


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