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But you'd better pray your hotel has a laundry room. Mine didn't. Thee is not a laundromat anywhere within miles and miles. And I could not haul 7 day's worth of clothing on the plane; two rolling bags are a pain to handle for someone of my size and strength.
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>> You being local & all, maybe you can share some food recommendations,
>> especially for things walkable from the con.  That'd be super helpful!
> I don't know downtown San Jose terribly well, unfortunately - we don't get
> there very often.  I'll check with my daughter, who's been to the local
> anime convention there a few times.

Okay.  So, there's a few of the usual chains around - Subway, Jack in the
Box, McDonalds, etc.

There are several pizza places in the area; I'm fond of Pizza My Heart.  A
bit further afield but may be useful - http://pizzaboccalupo.com/ offers a
"gluten-friendly" crust.  It's not celiac-disease-level gluten-free, but
it's very low gluten for those avoiding it for other reasons.

There are also assorted taquerias and burrito places around.  I haven't
been to the Iguanas that's a few blocks away, but I have been to the one
closer to my house, and it's decent.

Johnny Rocket's is fairly close - this is a sit-down chain of diner-style
restaurants that did a good job the one time I've been there.

For a bit more upscale: Original Joe's is a short block away, an old-school
Italian restaurant that has been there for over 60 years.  I haven't been
there but have heard good things.  (https://www.sanjoseoriginaljoes.com/)
There are also some fancier restaurants in nearby hotels.

(Other, random notes - the Tech Museum of Innovation is right nearby.  It's
a nice little science museum with an IMAX dome.)

There are a lot of options in the area, so something should be doable for
most tastes and dietary restrictions.
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