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But you'd better pray your hotel has a laundry room. Mine didn't. Thee is not a laundromat anywhere within miles and miles. And I could not haul 7 day's worth of clothing on the plane; two rolling bags are a pain to handle for someone of my size and strength.

With prior arrangement--and see me offlist, please!
If you have no laundry facilities in your hotel and are staying beyond Monday at said hotel, I may be able to help. In our cramped little house, staying over would be cruel and unusual punishment for a nice person. We have one washer and one dryer, lots of teas, but few tisanes. Please remember that I favor Islay singlemalts.

Brad, I live adjacent to Cambrian Park--closest major cross streets are Hillsdale and Ross.

I would suggest to out-of-towners, looking for a variety of places to eat, consider Yelp or https://sjdowntown.com/downtown/eat/ which really does cover quite a lot of restaurants! 
There's a Safeway at 100 S. 2nd St. and a Zanotto’s Express 80 S 1st St.

While there are many lunch/breakfast places within a short waking distance, be aware that they may not be open on weekends, as they feed the business crowd. Same goes for some dinner places nearby: make sure to check. Lotsa coffee places open daily near the convention center, too.

Be aware that Original Joe's is https://www.sanjoseoriginaljoes.com/breakfast-specials almost as expensive as Il Fornaio, within a block. The former is an Italian-American casual, with long waits during peak times, and doesn't take reservations. Not recommended for parties over 6 persons. The waiters (I have yet to see a waitress, but they often work the bar) wear suits with bow ties, and Kurt swears they must be mafiosos. Weird vibe, and not in a good way, for me.

You will not find modern or regional Italian cuisine there, for that go to Il Fornaio, which is a chain, but one of the better ones. Info for the San Jose location:  https://www.ilfornaio.com/sanjose#menus They do take reservations, and I suggest deciding before you arrive, after consulting the program guide, and making reservations in advance (especially for parties of more than 6), as it might be busy. I believe they serve brunch on weekends, but I'd call in advance, as in earlier in August, to be sure. They take reservations via OpenTable.

Crepevine http://crepevine.com/locations/san-jose-willow-glen/ is a place with enough options on the near-ceiling wall boards above the cashier to hurt your neck. The not-just crepes-and-salads options offer portions that are awfully big--some of them can be shared among three people, or leftovers stored for later meals in your room mini-fridge. Do NOT drive there, as the parking in Willow Glen is as bad as in SF. I believe most of you, no matter your food prefs or needs, will be able to find something to *enjoy*. Use a taxi/Lyft/Uber to get there and back--then you can have booze at dinner if that's your thing.

A taqueria near me, Adelita's --see my Yelp review--is also a place that wants to make sure you can enjoy your food choiceS. While you could drive there & park, I still recommend a taxi/Lyft/Uber to get there and back again (sorry, had to say it).

There's also a lovely inexpensive sushi place Sushi Expo, near me--Hillsdale and Ross--who offer riceless rolls, and will happily do custom rolls & likely nigiri as well. Great service, too, even for parties of 10.

moved to Santa Cruz in 1989, have lived in Santa Clara County since 2004.

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