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One addendum - you also hold birthdays and birthdates. I realize that this
is not part of the list management, per se, but it is data that is held by
the list.


On Fri, 25 May 2018, Melanie Dymond Harper wrote:

> Hi folks,
> You will almost certainly have heard a lot about GDPR just lately.
> Although the way this list is run means that I can be confident that
> everyone who is subscribed to it has done so voluntarily (i.e. you have
> consented to receive the list's mail), I thought it would be a good idea
> to remind you of what data is kept as part of running the list, how that
> data is treated and your rights in respect of it.
> Data that is held:
> We hold your email address (and potentially also your name, if you
> provided this along with your email address) so that the list software
> can send messages to you. This is necessary for you to receive messages
> from the list. The list administrators (Mel and Mike) are the only ones
> with access to the list of subscribed email addresses.
> Messages sent to the list are also archived and are accessible to the
> public. If you have posted to the list, we hold a copy of your
> posting(s) and make it accessible as part of the list archives. It is
> possible that such postings may contain further personal data that you
> have provided.
> Consent:
> The mailing list software that we use (Mailman, and prior to that
> Listproc), requires confirmation of your subscription to make sure that
> nobody can subscribe other people without their consent.
> If you wish to leave the list at any stage, you can email
> lois-bujold-request at lists.herald.co.uk with a subject line of
> "unsubscribe" from the email address from which you are subscribed. If
> your email address has changed since you originally subscribed, please
> email lois-bujold-owner at lists.herald.co.uk and tell us which address
> needs to be unsubscribed.
> What we do with your data:
> We hold your data only for the purpose of managing membership of the
> list and distributing and archiving posts sent to the list. We will not
> sell your data, and we will not distribute your data except for the
> purposes named above.
> Note that although the list itself is managed from a server based in the
> European Economic Area, posts sent to the list and distributed to its
> members will be sent to list members who may be outside the EEA, and the
> list archives are accessible worldwide.
> I would like my data removed from the archives:
> (Note that this is a manual process and will likely take some time.)
> Please email lois-bujold-owner at lists.herald.co.uk and specify which
> personal data you wish removed. In general we will look to preserve
> discussion threads so much as is possible by anonymising posts
> (including personal data within) rather than removing them altogether.
> Note, however, that messages you send to the list will have been
> distributed to all other members of the mailing list and we have no
> control over their choices with respect to those messages, i.e. whether
> they keep them or not.
> I have a question:
> Please mail lois-bujold-owner at lists.herald.co.uk.
> Thanks for your attention...
> Mel
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