Melanie Dymond Harper mel at herald.co.uk
Fri May 25 17:52:14 BST 2018

(Replying to Harvey but since I don't actually read the list day to day, 
the threading will get munged, sorry -- just keeping an eye on this 
particular aspect)

Harvey said:

> One addendum - you also hold birthdays and birthdates. I realize that 
> this is not part of the list management, per se, but it is data that 
> is held by the list.

Yes; it's a very slightly grey area because it's data which I (as the 
list manager) never requested, but that people have put under my control 
in any case. I can't say I would be especially unhappy if the 
birthday-wishes aspect went away, but I know some of _you_ would, and in 
any case that genie has long since got out of its bottle. You might want 
to at least consider not making your birth _year_ quite so public, even 
if you want to continue making the day and month public.

(Note too that, this list being public as has been the case since Day 1, 
there's an excellent chance that any postings have been archived 
somewhere other than on my server(s). A quick poke at the Wayback 
Machine suggests they have at least some of the index pages archived; I 
didn't go digging to see if there was anything deeper down the directory 
structure on their systems.)


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