[LMB] Vashnoi Haiku

Nicholas David Rosen ndrosen at erols.com
Sat May 26 07:27:03 BST 2018

Sylvia McIvers wrote:

> On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 11:34 PM, Nicholas David Rosen <ndrosen at erols.com>
> wrote:
> That was a very
> terrific spoilerific
> hai'ku done for us.
> (how many syllabubs in haiku? hai'ku or ha'i'ku?)
>> Advertising from the sponsor of this spoiler space:
>> Sharpened hands are happy hands/
>> Brim the tinfall with mirthful bands.
> How do you brim the tinfall?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Perhaps Mickie Haller Yamada will tell us how many syllables haiku has in Japanese;
I confess my own ignorance.

I don’t know how to brim the tinfall; the jingle is from Vernor Vinge’s novel, A DEEPNESS IN THE SKY.  Humans are eavesdropping on the radio communications of a planet of spider-like sentients, and that’s their version of a singing commercial.  I do recommend the novel, by the way, as well as its predecessor, A FIRE UPON THE DEEP.

Thank you for your kind opinion of my seventeen syllables.

Oh, was “syllabubs” humor, or autocorrect’s attempt to help you?  I’ve never drunk syllabub, but perhaps I should try a version with soy milk.

Best Regards,

Nicholas D. Rosen
ndrosen at erols.com

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