[LMB] Sharing authorship OT:

Margaret margaret at devere.net
Sun May 27 04:30:04 BST 2018

>>>A PHD will not share credit with a non-PHD.
>Jim Parish Ph.D., Mathematics
>>My next paper will list my most recent Masters' student as
>>co-author, and she deserves it.

>The LilPouncer graduated this month with her BS in Mathematics,
>and as undergrad shared credit with a PhD researcher on this

As an undergraduate, I was given coauthor status on a Ph.D. professor's 
article. I had collected the data; he converted it to a paper. He talked 
to me about his interpretation. I didn't have anything useful to add, 
and I would never have thought of publishing, but he was an academic so 
publishing was important to him. OTOH, he already had tenure -- so maybe 
it was just a present from him to me.


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