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Some countries have a ban on names. See article https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=11943766 Interestingly, Sweden has a ban on calling your child 'Ikea'.

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My mother always said that it was a bad idea to name a child something that
would look incongruous or silly on an adult.  She'd seen some badly-chosen
names in her nursery school teaching days, as well as when she taught high

Gwynne (Yes, I'm back, my computer has decided that the internet does exist
after all): Quite frankly, any parent who names a child something like Storm or
Princess deserves whatever they get. Then there's the ones who decide to tell
you, in the middle of a parent interview, that their child was named Paris because
that's where she was conceived. (Mind you, that's still better than the one who
described BOTH childbirths, one sunny-side-up and one on hands and knees.
Really there are some details you DO NOT NEED to know.)

I also think there should be a special place on one of the outer circles of Heck for
parents who do weird spellings - poor Jak will spend all his life saying "No, there's
no 'c' in it." Afroditee will have an ongoing problem. Also Zakk. (I'm not making
these up, I taught the poor little sods.)

Oh, and watch out for initials. My grandfather gave two of his children the
initials VD.
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