[LMB] Cultural insensitivity

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 13:10:11 BST 2018

From: Sharon Micenko <wembleyware at gmail.com>

Was LISTBIZ: GDPR and Birthdays
Looking at the Australian Urban dictionary reminded me of the absolutely hilarious video today of the NZ Maori dance group hired by the San Diego zoo to open their new Australian exhibit. Did anyone else see it?
And then they insisted that Maoris also come from Australia. (Well, they do, these days, sort of.)

Gwynne: Tried to reply to this and my computer suddenly decided that it wasn't
connected to the internet. I appear to be back now but may disappear at any time.
As for the zoo - it's a disgrace. Can't they Google? There's so much fuss about
Cultural appropriation if you have the wrong hairdo or outfit, but THIS was way worse.
Way, WAY worse. Put the PR people in the cages and let the monkeys run the place,
they couldn't do any worse.

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