[LMB] Yes! Another great day!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 15:08:30 BST 2018

So, today we gather to celebrate the birth of Markus Baur.

Markus, we all send you our best and brightest birthday wishes,
and hope you have a great day.

And for that special day, we have something you're really going to
enjoy - a butter bug carrying your own special design!  You'll start
the day with a design session, and Ekaterin Vorkosigan herself will
help you design your own special bug. You can also specify the type
of job your bug will do - processing native flora into animal fodder,
or producing a particular line of food (Chocolate flavoured? Mint?
Caramel? Salmon? The possibilities are endless.)

Than after a tour of the labs (don't touch anything whatever you
do, especially the ones that glow) you'll spend some time touring
Hassadar, enjoying all the sights. It will be twenty minutes to treasure
in your memory.

After a wonderful Ma Kosti lunch (she's being flown in specially)
you'll have some time with Tsipis, discussing the details of District
organisation - it's actually fascinating how the resources are
shared around, and the plans for improvements to the District in
the future.

And then back to the labs to see some of your own special bugs, and
of course to see (and possibly taste) their work.

As night falls there'll be a fireworks display, because it's Barrayar, and
it's always a good time for fireworks!

Hope you enjoyed your special day, Markus.

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