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> > Huh, I wonder if syllabub was an inspiration for the maple ambrosia, either Watsonianly or Doylistically.  
> We have very little information about the mind processes of Ma Kosti. We 
> don’t see the negotiation that put
> her into the Vorkosigan service or how she can go from a household 
> operation to running Vorkosigan House
> apparently without a hitch.  (Fan fiction writers there is a hint, 
> perhaps she got lessons from Miles’ Accountant?)

> Industrial   cooking is nothing like household. Vorkosigan House bought eggs by the 
> gross, for example. Did she have prep  people? Mayhap this is covered the same way that FTL and the energies 
> required for fast transit of star systems  between jump points?

Check the textev in _Memory_  when Miles took Ma Kosti on.

At that point the household was ? four plus Ma Kosti's son as a driver. This is probably less than Ma Kosti's family household.

When Aral and Cordelia came back for Winterfair with armsmen and staff Ma Kosti has had plenty of time to work things out, even if she had never worked in a large household. In fact she may have worked her way up from kitchen or housemaid before starting a family.

Any fanfic on Ma Kosti's back story?

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