[LMB] The end is near!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu May 31 18:21:26 BST 2018

Well, the end of the month. And we finish with a bang, with one final
birthday. Yes, today we wish a wonderful, joyous birthday to Sue Pittak!

Sue, today you'll be seeing part of Vorbarr Sultana that's hidden from most.
You'll start with a visit to one of the most exclusive establishments in the
city - yes, that's right, it's the very genteel and High-Vor salon where Lady
Alys buys her gowns. First you'll be laser-measured, and you'll see your holo,
as they show it wearing several outfits. Once you've made your choice you
can watch every step of the process as the fabric is machine-cut to shape, then
the assembly bots will create your dream clothes.

Then there'll be a tour of the Caravanserai. It's no longer the shadowy slum of
the past, but much of its charm still remains. There are also many examples of
traditional arts and crafts. You'll be able to visit several small factories and
workshops that create beautiful silverware, intricate embroidery, and some
amazingly complex woodwork.

Finally you'll be the guest of honour at a reception at the Residence, wearing
your specially designed outfit of course.  You'll dine, drink and dance the
night away, up to the final, spectacular, fireworks display.

Have a wonderful birthday, Sue!

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