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I’m trying to be careful not in to make this US centric. 
For many years, schools have greatly emphasized college prep and tried to discourage students from going into blue collar or other jobs that did not require a college degree. (As a side note, many jobs that advertise that a degree is needed actually only need what used to be taught in High School.)
There is a shortage of people qualified for many jobs that used to be fill by people out of high school. Now, as I understand it, Europe had the same problem and tried to fill the jobs with immigrants and guest workers. The results have not been universally accepted as good. 
Another way to solve this problem might be to reemphasize the dignity of all work and not just white collar jobs.
Something similar happened at Sandia National Laboratories many years ago. There was a world class mathematician who was doing great work. In order to reward him they decided to promote him to management. (Anyone recognize the Peter Principal here?)
He was not a great manager and wanted to keep doing Math. Luckily instead of trading a great happy mathematician for an so so unhappy manager, they decided to create a new position (distinguished member of the technical staff) so he could still be adequately compensated for his work while still being able to do that work. 
Would something similar work for skilled workers who are needed to do work that traditionally has not been paid as well as it should?

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