[LMB] OT Rivers of London etc.

Harvey Fishman fishman at panix.com
Fri Nov 2 14:39:31 GMT 2018

With the screeching of the klaxon the TARDIS of the Tixie arrives at the home of Sue Cone who
is 78 today. Sue, you will be going Emperor's Wedding at The Residence in all its glorious
pomp. You will arrive the night before and be treated to a glorious feast with all the
Vorkosigans and prepared by none other than Ma Kosti (and you know what that means). Then you
will be driven to the Wedding at The Residence and be in the Sixth Circle. After the wedding
you will be taken around the grounds by a Vorkosigan Armsman and will gorge on the myriad
delicacies from all the counties of Barryar. Finally you will be returned to your home gorged
with goodies and awed by how the rich people live. Enjoy.

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