[LMB] A quest to read All The Things By Lois

Grace Bridges gracebridges1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 10:04:14 GMT 2018

Since discovering Lois last year sometime in December, I have read:

Young Miles x5
Miles, Mystery & Mayhem x2
Miles Errant x2
Memory x8 (maybe? I keep diving in to reread favourite bits and end up
stuck till the end again...)
Komarr x2
A Civil Campaign x2
Winterfair Gifts x2
Diplomatic Immunity x2
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance x3
Cryoburn x2
Falling Free x2
The Flowers of Vashnoi
Dreamweaver's Dilemma
The Sharing Knife series
The Curse of Chalion
The Spirit Ring

At my bedside waiting for me right now are:
Paladin of Souls
The Hallowed Hunt
Penric novellas
Gentleman Jole

My question to you lovely listees is this:
Did I miss anything??

(I've also read The Vorkosigan Companion and I know about the RPG, but
they're not strictly on the list, are they...)

Because I may be right on track, within a year of starting, to read
everything Lois has published so far. That'd be a thing, hey?

Happy birthday, dear Lois, I celebrated by writing several scenes of
fantasy and will tonight dive back into Paladin of Souls.  Thank you for
giving me back this faith that really fabulous books might still be out
there to find, even after a lifetime of reading.




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