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>在 2018年11月3日週六 下午3:30,A. Marina Fournier <saffronrose at me.com 寫道:
>>I had some blood tests to collect for.
>>The phlebotomist looked at my elbow, saw scarring, and asked how 
>>had I been using (IV drugs).
>>I told her I’d given blood last week, and was in the ICU in early
>>September . . .
>>She stopped asking and just took the blood
>At least they managed to find your vein. The last time they had to draw 
>blood, they had to switch arms twice. :-P
>little Alex
Ooh, that hurts. The only one who gets my elbow is the blood bank 
technicians who are capable and usually find the vein on the first try. 
When I have to give small samples for blood tests, I insist that they 
take it from the back of my hand. Easier to find a vein and I do not 
suffer bruising.


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