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That is not an annoying habit, William, but honest speculation. Only if you try to squeeze another's world into the narratives of our own culture ("And in the end, they all turned out to be Just Like Us!") does it have the potential for dishonesty, and even then, it's done in all innocence.

Okay -carry on -- I do think the WGW will not go in for the huge centralized institutions of our own world, though, with its accompanying bureaucracy and all that goes with it. They simply don't seem to be that sort of people. I see them [s being highly respected elders with a reputation for wisdom, who are consulted by others when all else fails. {Fawn with a management degree. Ugh. As the stomach turns....]
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After I finish a series I have an annoying habit of looking a generation or two down the road and imagining background if not new stories.
Lois has almost done that in the 5GU with stories spanning four hundred years.
I’d like to see a story set in the WGW about 50 years later at the Redwing-Bluefield teaching hospital where Natti-Mari Bluefield is head of nursing. Great Gran Fawn would also be a great head of hospital services.
Concerning to state of medical knowledge in the WGW, they really need a microscopical from Glassforge to help them get started on germ theory. They haven’t even gotten as far as Harvey as far as blood circulation although they at least know it circulates and that the heart is a pump.

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