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> T
> Okay -carry on -- I do think the WGW will not go in for the huge
> centralized institutions of our own world, though, with its accompanying
> bureaucracy and all that goes with it. They simply don't seem to be that
> sort of people. I see them [s being highly respected elders with a
> reputation for wisdom, who are consulted by others when all else fails.
> {Fawn with a management degree. Ugh. As the stomach turns....]
> Honestly the lack of central institutions among Farmers seems a bit odd to
me. I realize this is Not Exactly the 18th Century Midwest, so there is no
government "Back East" to worry about, but there seems to be no government
even at the town level. No mayors, or town councils. The closest we get is
the fellow maintaining the marriage records in West Blue, and even that
seems to be a part time job. This is despite the fact that *coins* are
being stamped, which implies a government (or a very powerful guild, which
would amount to the same thing) supporting them.

If there's one true fact about humans, it's that we organize ourselves. The
Lakewalkers do have government, if dispersed among the Camps, and we see it
in action during the climax of Legacy. The fact that Farmers don't, not
even a regular militia to deal with road bandits, is a bit suspicious to
me. Given that the Lakewalkers have a vested interest in not letting the
Farmers getting too organized, a darker take on the series might reveal
they've been subtly, or sometimes actively,  sabotaging attempts by Farmer
towns to form larger governments.

"We will not be lords again, and neither will anyone else."

-Royce in MD

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