[LMB] A quest to read All The Things By Lois

Margaret margaret at devere.net
Wed Nov 7 06:33:32 GMT 2018

Hi Grace --

I can't check right now, but are Shards of Honor and Barrayar 
represented somewhere in your list? They're essential. :) You can get 
them separately or in a combined volume called Cordelia's Honor.

I like the "internal chronology" order for reading, as Lois describes 
it, with the exception of Falling Free. It may be too late for Shards 
and Barrayar, but please collect them as soon as possible. And then use 
that as an excuse for a reread of the rest.


P.S. I see that Memory tops your list for frequency. It's at the top of 
my list also, along with Barrayar, followed by A Civil Campaign. Curse 
of Chalion is also a frequent reread. They're beginning to catch up to 
Pride and Prejudice in my reread cycle.

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