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My favorite rereads have been Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, followed by Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen. CVA is so neat on every level .... especially the prolonged look inside Ivan's head, and with all the neat little pudding-plums of information that seem to have stemmed from fannish questions now being answered ... and seeing that Ivan is no kind of an idiot, but very, very good at organization and logistics. And Tej is totally delightful.

GJ&RQ for its look at Chaos Colony, at the unexpected surprise in Aral's life, the twists and turns of Cordelia's administration of Sergyar and the down-home culture developing there ("Throw another shrimp on the barbie?") ... and the utter delight of Freaking Out Miles. And the kids. Lots and lots of kids. Including two Cetagandan young men (well, a man and a boy) in that atmosphere. Love it, love it.

John Lennard's book sent me back to the story arc starting with Memory and working through to, so far, ACC. COmpanion reading: Georgette Heyer's Cotillion.
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Hi Grace --

I can't check right now, but are Shards of Honor and Barrayar
represented somewhere in your list? They're essential. :) You can get
them separately or in a combined volume called Cordelia's Honor.

I like the "internal chronology" order for reading, as Lois describes
it, with the exception of Falling Free. It may be too late for Shards
and Barrayar, but please collect them as soon as possible. And then use
that as an excuse for a reread of the rest.


P.S. I see that Memory tops your list for frequency. It's at the top of
my list also, along with Barrayar, followed by A Civil Campaign. Curse
of Chalion is also a frequent reread. They're beginning to catch up to
Pride and Prejudice in my reread cycle.

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