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[LMB] Rumor of Been Printing of Penric Novellas
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Tue Nov 13 22:56:56 GMT 2018

On Tue, 13 Nov 2018, at 22:30, Pat Mathews wrote:
 > A dead tree edition of the Penric novellas would be very nice, though
 > with six of them, someone with small hands should probably wish for 2
 > dead tree editions. (1-3, 4-6)

Pages from Amazon ebook estimates

109 pages  Penric's Demon: Penric & Desdemona Book 1 --
122 pages  Penric and the Shaman: Penric & Desdemona Book 2 --
113 pages  Penric's Fox: Penric and Desdemona Book 3
264 pages  Penric's Mission: Penric & Desdemona Book 4
  90 pages   Mira's Last Dance: Penric & Desdemona Book 5
139 pages  The Prisoner of Limnos (Penric & Desdemona Book 6)

So two volumes seems quite likely.

LMB:  That is correct, as it happens.  I presume the source of the 
/Locus/ squib was my agent, who routinely reports her agency's business 
news to the magazine.

Plan is for two paper collections of three novellas each, in 
internal-chronological order; next-year-ish, with some delay for the 
Subterranean Press term of exclusive license to run out, especially for 
the second volume which contains the most recent story.  Baen will do 
dead-tree versions, as they see fit, plus has the right to do e-editions 
in their own in-house e-store, as they have for some of my other paper 
editions.  I retained the wider e-rights, as I plan to keep the e-series 
ala carte and fluid. (Also, I am not innumerate.)

Provisional titles are /Penric's Progress/ and /Penric's Travels/, but 
that's not confirmed.  Neither are pub dates. In general, I prefer to 
have more finalized to say for a blog post, not to mention the last 
SubPress edition is still to launch in late January.

In other side news, I recently licensed Bulgarian translation rights to 
the six tales, for the usual microscopic amount of money that market 
supports.  But collecting languages is pretty entertaining.  We've also 
had a recent Japanese offer, but contracts have not yet come through.

Ta, L.

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