[LMB] Delinquent Birthday Tixie

Harvey fishman at panix.com
Thu Nov 15 03:09:03 GMT 2018

With a horrible noise from the klaxon The Tardis with the incredibly 
late Tixie makes an all
point landing at the home of Paige Kalika who was forty on November 3. 
Just shows that even
a time machine cannot make the stupid Tixie be prompt.

Paige, we have arranged for you to travel to the fan fiction Barryar of 
Rose Milburn where
you will be the guest of Count Voralys, who was Ivan Vorpatril before 
his elevation. You will
be staying at Voralys House in Vorbarr Sultanna. Voralys House is larger 
and older than
Vorkosigan House, but has been newly redecorated with a design of a very 
changed Byerly
Vorrutyer. The food is provided by Count Voralys's cook, Ma Belka, who 
is a niece of the
famous Ma Kosti, and some say that she is even better. Your biggest 
problem will probably be
working off the ten pounds that you are likely to gain. Enjoy your trip.

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