[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Harvey fishman at panix.com
Thu Nov 15 03:10:44 GMT 2018

The groan of the klaxon announces the arrival of the Tardis with the 
extremely delinquent
Tixie at the home of Tony Zbaraschuk who was fifty on November 6. Tony, 
we have arranged for
you to be whisked off to Cetaganda for the investiture of the new 
Empress, the haut Rian
Degtiar, and be formally presented to the Emperor, the haut Fletchir 
Giaja. You will be
astounded by the design beauty of all things Cetagandan. You will be 
staying at the finest
hotel on Eta Ceta, the capital planet of the Cetagandan Empire, and you 
will be invited to
tour The Star Creche, which is a truly unusual honor for a man. Enjoy.

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