[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Harvey fishman at panix.com
Thu Nov 15 03:31:35 GMT 2018

The discordant sound of the klaxon announces the arrival of the Tardis 
with the impossibly
late Tixie at the home of Bill Wenrich, who was 70 on November 11. Bill, 
I have it on good
authority that you were the original Tixie. I am sure that YOU were 
prompt and so a MUCH
better Tixie that I am. But sometimes you just lose your Muse and just 
cannot write anything
which was my problem this month. But for you we have arranged a trip to 
the Earth of the
Vorkosigan era. You will tour The Embankment, where Ivan so nearly came 
to grief, and you
will be presented to The Queen at a reconstructed Buckingham Palace. Be 
sure to bring formal
wear and practice your bows.

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