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I have added an OT: marker and added to the subject line.

It is pricey in the UK too, at £9.99 for the Kindle version. If you go to
the Amazon page for the book you will see near the price the words "This
price was set by the publisher." This is due to ongoing efforts by
publishers to cling to their legacy business model by artificially raising
the price of new release ebooks in order to bolster sales of the first
edition hardback. In some cases the ebook price is actually higher than the
discounted price of the hardback. I don't believe that authors actually see
much or any of the extra cost as the object is not to actually sell ebooks
at the higher price but to drive ebook sales down.

The publishers and Apple were charged by the US FTC with price fixing and
Apple and the Publisher defendants lost. Despite this the practice
continues. Some publishers also 'window' ebook sales, IE delay the release,
another despicable practice. 

Cheers, Gordon

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>"Lies Sleeping" is now up on Amazon UK.
It is pre-order on Amazon US. Pricey!!! The Kindle book is $12.99, which is
a lot for a Kindle book.


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