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> >I'd be interested to learn why you might choose "Thespis" as a model.
> Many
> >of us G&S fans are more familiar with some of the other operas, such as
> >"H.M.S. Pinafore" (Anna Russell's model), "Pirates of Penzance," and
> >"Mikado."  Typically the plots are social satire with the message "Marry
> >someone your own age."
> A possible reason for choosing _Thespis_ is that we really know very
> little of it. There is no known copy of the score and fragments of two
> songs (Climbing Over Rocky Mountain and Little Maid of Arkadee) are all
> that we have. Climbing Over Rocky Mountain was reused (sorta) in _The
> Pirates of Penzance_, but that is all.
> Harvey
> You got it in one.  I would also be interested in going to performances of
some of the Shakespeare plays that were lost (if they existed) and
recording them, too.  When I got back home, English professors and would-be
Ph.Ds  in English would be offering me anything I wanted that they could
get, just for those recordings.

G+S did say they mined *Thespis* for music for their later works, and a
version exists with tunes from later Savoy operas that fit the lyrics, but
nobody knows just how authentic it is.

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