[LMB] G&S in the Vorkosiverse

Harvey fishman at panix.com
Tue Nov 20 15:47:55 GMT 2018

It seems to me that there is a MAJOR problem with G&S in the 
Vorkosiverse. Gilbert's principal character, the comic baritone, is 
always humble. Miles just does not do humble!!


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>>  On Nov 19, 2018, at 11:14 PM, Joel Polowin <jpolowin at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>  _The Mikado_ could work.  Explicitly about the Emperor of Cetaganda,
>>  but subtextually poking at the court of the Vorbarras... :-)
>I suspect that “The Grand Duke of Utopia” would be right out (at least for Mad Yuri and probably Ezar).
>"We have advanced to new and surprising levels of bafflement."
>Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan describes progress in _Komarr_.
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