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>> It was kind of interesting how the emberverse switched from SF-based to
>> pure fantasy, with a gentle flavoring of Arthurian sword.
>It was fantasy from the beginning (_Dies the Fire_). Messing up the gas laws requires a Maxwell’s Demon to shepherd each gas molecule in the atmosphere (well, perhaps one Maxwell’s Demon could shepherd several gas molecules, but there would still be a very large number of them). However, stopping metals from conducting electricity is worse. Everything is tied together and you can not change one thing. The electrical conductivity of metals is emergent behavior of quantum mechanics (I think their ductility and even their shine is also that). Unfortunately, chemistry is also the emergent behavior of quantum mechanics. Life is emergent behavior of the chemistry of carbon atoms (I could go further, but I don’t think I need to).

At first I hoped that such a technically unsound project would collapse but I soon realized it was doomed to success.
 Almost anything in software can be implemented,  sold, and even used given enough determination.
 - C.A.R. ("Tony") Hoare, on PL/1

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