[LMB] OT: I need help finding the title of a particular classic SF story

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 22:54:59 GMT 2018

I once found a particular short story that I'd been searching for, kept
careful note of its title and author... and now I find that I've misplaced

There was a trope used in various works (novels to short fiction) by
different authors around the mid '60s to early '70s:  people were isolated
from mainstream society, began experimenting with free love and drugs, and
ultimately gained superhuman intelligence and powers.  It was this big
thing for a while.  The story I'm looking for is the first, the one that
marked the beginning of the trend.

I'm not thinking of "The Gold at Starbow's End" by F. Pohl, or the novella
published in Omni about the community of blind and deaf people.  There's a
particular story about a scientist who hypothesizes that just as a human
raised by chimps would be permanently psychologically stunted, 'normal'
people were stunting the development of those who had the capacity for
more, and so arranged for the military to have children raised with a
minimum amount of oversight and absolutely no contact with the outside
world, to see what kind of people they'd turn out to be.  Then hippies and
transcendence.  (Surprise!)

Does that sound familiar to anyone?  My searches in SF databases have
turned up few clues, and I initially stumbled across the story by accident
in a very old pulp printing of an anthology which I no longer have access

Matt G.

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