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May have misattributed who said what in earlier parts of the conversation...

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>> It seems likely that, as a rather short person, his voice would be on
>> the higher end. Smaller resonant cavity and all that.
> Peter Dinklage's voice is fairly low, and he's shorter than Miles.
> Though his particular form of dwarfism gave him a "normal" head and
> torso but very short limbs.

I’m told he’s a very nice person and easy to work alongside.

Meredith Eaton, currently MacGyver’s boss on the reboot, also has a normal size head with a body of similar size to Peter Dinklage. She does authority very well. Her voice is a bit low, as in sings alto, but light & clear.

I was very happy to see him as a love(/hate) interest to the title character in The Boss (2106) movie. I think it was Peter who said men his size never got to play romantic roles.

> At any rate, vocal pitch is determined by one's voice box, not by body resonance.  The various resonance chambers in the body do affect
> the tonal qualities of one's voice, but the basic mechanism is more
> like that of a string instrument than that of a wind instrument.

Just having read this

I would hazard a guess that the particular construction of Freddy Mercury’s voice, including his uncorrected buck teeth, as well as his unusually high vibrato rate, were a large part of what made his voice unique.

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