[LMB] That BAD Tixie tries to sneak in...

Harvey fishman at panix.com
Fri Nov 23 01:55:55 GMT 2018

The embarrassed croak of the klaxon announces the arrival of the Tixie 
-- late again ;-(
Yesterday we had two birthdays - Cally Perry who was 64 and Lucy Chubb 
who was 59. We are
sending the pair of you to Jackson's Whole for an exciting birthday. You 
will be accompanied
by Mark Pierre Vorkosigan and Kareen Koudelka to be sure that nothing 
unwanted happens to you.
After all Mark could buy all of Jackson's Whole to avoid any danger. But 
the place has a
sinister and deserved reputation and Mark could call in the Dendaris if 
anything gets really
sticky. They are quite capable of reducing the world to an ash (after 
plucking you off it
of course). Enjoy the wild west.

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