[LMB] AKICOTL OT: Crawling Saucers and " I need help finding the title of a particular classic SF story "

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Sat Nov 24 20:19:27 GMT 2018

My problem with finding titles of old SF is  having shifted among parallel universes sometime 
between my teens and my forties. It's the Mandela Effect -- moving from the universe where
Nelson Mandela died in prison and the children read Berenstein Bears books into a new
universe where Mandela lived to become President of South Africa and the books were of
a series called BerenSTAIN Bears.    Seems to happen a lot to a bunch of us. 

I spent much of the summer trying to track down a copy of a Ted Sturgeon parody of a
Robert Heinlein story involving adolescent space aliens buzzing around Earth one summer,
entitled, as I recall, "Saucer Summer".  

In my present universe, I am surprised to discover, that story is by Fritz Lieber and is called 
"Our Saucer Vacation".   


I'm in the market at present for -- not a FLYING saucer -- but a household robot of
the sort imagined in (I think, within most universes)  RAH's _A Door Into Summer_; with 
a form factor of a CRAWLING saucer.  Supposedly the saucer/robot emerges at night 
from a charging station (slash litter box) roams around the house learning where the 
furniture is, vacuuming up dustballs and dog hair, then at dawn returns to its nest
where it empties the trash and plugs itself in to recharge.  There seems to be quite
a competitive market of suppliers and models of this sort of thing now. The stores at least
have lots.   But in my FTF, RL, social circles I haven't met a soul who has one or any
advice or experience or opinions to offer about 'em.  

So, among techie Listies ... Anybody own and use and opine about RoamBots?   (Is
that even what the thing is called in this reality?)

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