[LMB] AKICOTL OT: Crawling Saucers and " I need help finding the title of a particular classic SF story "

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> On Nov 24, 2018, at 1:19 PM, "pouncer at aol.com" <pouncer at aol.com> wrote:
> My problem with finding titles of old SF is  having shifted among parallel universes sometime 
> between my teens and my forties. It's the Mandela Effect -- moving from the universe where
> Nelson Mandela died in prison and the children read Berenstein Bears books into a new
> universe where Mandela lived to become President of South Africa and the books were of
> a series called BerenSTAIN Bears.    Seems to happen a lot to a bunch of us. 
> I spent much of the summer trying to track down a copy of a Ted Sturgeon parody of a
> Robert Heinlein story involving adolescent space aliens buzzing around Earth one summer,
> entitled, as I recall, "Saucer Summer".  
> In my present universe, I am surprised to discover, that story is by Fritz Lieber and is called 
> "Our Saucer Vacation".   
> Anyhow. 
> I'm in the market at present for -- not a FLYING saucer -- but a household robot of
> the sort imagined in (I think, within most universes)  RAH's _A Door Into Summer_; with 
> a form factor of a CRAWLING saucer.  Supposedly the saucer/robot emerges at night 
> from a charging station (slash litter box) roams around the house learning where the 
> furniture is, vacuuming up dustballs and dog hair, then at dawn returns to its nest
> where it empties the trash and plugs itself in to recharge.  There seems to be quite
> a competitive market of suppliers and models of this sort of thing now. The stores at least
> have lots.   But in my FTF, RL, social circles I haven't met a soul who has one or any
> advice or experience or opinions to offer about 'em.  
> So, among techie Listies ... Anybody own and use and opine about RoamBots?   (Is
> that even what the thing is called in this reality?)
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