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Sun Nov 25 14:09:29 GMT 2018

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> So, among techie Listies ... Anybody own and use and opine about RoamBots?   (Is
> that even what the thing is called in this reality?)
I've had two different cleaning robots, Roomba and a brand called Neeto. 
Between the two I prefer the Neeto robots. They are easier to maintain 
(clean) and seem to be smarter than Roomba.

And the folks at Neeto are constantly updating the software with new 
features. There have been 3 OTA updates so far this year. A previous one 
lets you see a map of the areas it cleaned (in their app). The last one 
included being able to set "no go" areas in the app to keep the robot 
away from areas that you want left alone.

Their support is out of Ireland and is first rate.

Kevin Barry

Co-Owner of the Moneta-L and ACM-L Lists

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