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Fri Nov 30 17:03:41 GMT 2018

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From: WILLIAM A WENRICHThis is worse than users as beta testers. This is alpha testing. The companies involved, two software and one banking should know better! I don't get it - are customers that complacent?

Beatrice Otter:No.  It's not about customers at all. It's about companies not caring about customer satisfaction if a terrible customer experience saves them money, secure in the knowledge that it can't lose them too many customers because there are extremely few options which are any better. Do you have any idea how high a percentage of American businesses are owned by a handful of huge corporations? Most of the ones that aren't strictly local. If those handful of huge corporations all have the same basic policies, customers are screwed because there's nowhere else to go no matter how bad things are. 
It's the same reason why stores don't have enough clerks on the floor or checkout lines open. And it's also the reason the call center doesn't have enough people answering the phones.  It's not an accident, it's a strategy.
Oh, and when you do manage to get through to a live person on the phone, they will get judged by how happy you are. Either you go away perfectly happy with their products and services (fat chance since they SUCK) or the person on the phone gets yelled at. They are expected to have a 100% satisfaction rate.

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